The three hands of grigoryan

Grigoryan is a versatile, dark, superb lifestyle brand. We concentrate on peculiar nature, superb craftsmanship and legacy by fusing fine art, fashion and fine living. We create limited and unisex articles reinventing the concept of necessities to have a masculine and feminine touch. Using the finest custom leather skins and the darkest color palettes, every creation is made by hand from start to finish in Los Angeles.

Our Heritage.

The Grigoryan family has been crafting leather since the late 1930’s in Yerevan, Armenia. We are the 4th generation of our kind. The specialty has been passed down for generations to generations and has reached us, the Grigoryan founders. It has been a privilege to be the next generation of superb leather artisans. 

Who We Are. 

Grigoryan is a reflection of the G trio influence, we created Grigoryan and introduced it to the world by embedding our visions, values, and philosophy. The brand carries our namesake due to our lifestyle, ancestral heritage and avant-garde concepts. We are influenced by prime numbers, art, fashion, nature, fine living, travel, architecture, literature, film, music, and geometry. By using the three main elements; leather, wood, and silver combined with our exceptional components makes Grigoryan the ultimate artisanal lifestyle brand. 

Our Philosophy. 

Luxury to us is culture, simplicity, aesthetic, quality, and most importantly how the objects we surround ourselves with make us feel. By investing into a product we allow it to become one with us, travel amongst us and share our atmosphere. What we care most about is creating something that will last a lifetime and get passed down to generations as a collectible heirloom. We want to combine our cultural elements with modern and dark accents to create the ultimate brand around a lifestyle.

Our Process. 

Our creative pulse is driven by art and music. We create and bring our designs to life by using elements from our surroundings and family roots. The exquisite hand stitching we use at Grigoryan incorporates the human touch. We concentrate on the quality and create poetry through perfecting the imperfection of each article.

Our Creations. 

We create with customization being the ultimate luxury in mind for those who appreciate and value quality, craftsmanship, simplicity and exclusivity. The entire process of creating our custom designs originates in Los Angeles. Our designs and materials are versatile and can be utilized for their longevity.

Our Monogram.

Our signature CLOCKWORK monogram, which you will find on many of our creations, was inspired by the cycle of life. We at Grigoryan design and create with futuristic and past ideologies preserving the old techniques. The idea came to us in a form that we are steady rooted but we are moving forward and evolving from generation to generation. 

Our Logo.

The Grigoryan logo is a representation of an enigmatic being, an individual that is faceless, nameless, and sexless. An entity, which represents everything and nothing, a woman, a man, a child, an animal and a force of life. It is anything and everything one might imagine, powered by fire, water, and earth. 

Our Cross.

 The Grigoryan Cross which is a representation of the four corners of the world. The unity of the elements of water, fire, air, and earth. It was inspired by the Armenian heritage and resembles the Armenian Khachkar* which plays an important role in the Grigoryan brand. 

Khachkar, also known as an Armenian cross-stone is a carved, memorial stele bearing a cross, and often with additional motifs such as rosettes, interlaces, and botanical motifs. Khachkars are characteristics of medieval Christian Armenian art.